Tripoli offensive highlights global splits on Libya

libya tripoli


The only functioning airport in the Libyan capital of Tripoli has been hit in an air raid citing eyewitnesses. A military aircraft belonging to the Libyan National Army forces has reportedly targeted Mitiga airport located in the Libyan capitals eastern suburb. On Sunday local media reported on continued fierce fighting around Tripoli International Airport while providing conflicting information on which side controls the area. Now most of the country is controlled by Haftars forces. the self styled libyan national army barely 8 kilometers. backed government that controls Tripoli and the western part of the country. The Libyan army moved towards Tripoli with one goal Ahmed Aboul Gheit. where do key regional powers in the gulf saudi and uae. And on the other Fayez al Sarraj which has control of Tripoli. French involvement in Libya under President Emmanuel Macron has caused tensions in the past with Italy which has historically been the lead European power in the country

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