UPDATE 4 East Libyan warplanes hit Tripoli government positions

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An LNA warplane also attacked the only partly functioning airport in Tripoli witnesses said. As well as the humanitarian cost scupper a U. peace plan and allow Islamist militants to exploit the chaos. The United States G7 bloc of wealthy nations and European Union have also urged the LNA to halt its offensive. Both sides have carried our airstrikes in the town and a spokesman for the Libyan National Army said it has stepped up airstrikes on its rivals in the past two days. Eastern Libyan forces will pursue their advance on the capital Tripoli despite international calls for a halt in an offensive that risks causing many civilian casualties. Schoolyard hitForces loyal to Serrajs government have so far kept the eastern offensive at bay. An eastern military source said a warplane belonging to the LNA had struck a military camp in an eastern Tripoli suburb. With gunfire now echoing through city blocks and tanks rumbling through towns and districts south of Tripoli many panicked residents have fled their homes. the lna meanwhile accused the tripoli based forces of an air raid targeting civilians in the gasr ben ghachir region 30 kilometres

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