US moves troops out of Libya as fighting surges between alternative military groups

libya troop


US troops are being moving out Libya after a surge in fighting between rival groups left foreign powers scrambling to ensure the safety of their forces and peacekeepers in the country. The security realities on the ground in Libya are growing increasingly complex and unpredictable said. Fighting between rival groups continued at the site continued as Mr Haftar claimed to have launched air strikes on Tripolis outskirts. And now the Pentagon says it is too dangerous for American troops to stay on the ground. Due to increased unrest in Libya AFRICOM said in a statement. The governments are just two of the many players in Libya radical Islamist groups and other forces. eastern libyan forces have carried out air strikes on the southern part of tripoli and made progress towards the city centre escalating an operation to take the capital as the united nations failed to achieve a truce. The ministry gave no details of whether the casualties were civilians or fighters. Libyan militia commander General Khalifa Hifter. apthe libyan national army force of khalifa haftar home to the internationally recognised government

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