sen lindsey graham addresses the mueller report pbs newshour

lindsey graham


South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told President Trump that John McCain acted appropriately in regards to the now infamous Steele dossier and deserves better than Trumps criticism of him. Speaking to reporters regarding his conversation with the POTUS over the weekend Trump believes that it was the McCain people that spread this. They gave it to John McCain who gave it to the FBI for very evil purposes. John McCain is one of my closest friends in life not just in politics. Lindsey Graham addressed the Mueller report today. Graham spoke Monday after Attorney General William Barr reported to Congress on Muellers findings. Barr said Mueller found no evidence that Trump or his associates conspired with Russia. Graham said he will be speaking with Barr at noon and wants him to testify before his committee. 4 things we learned from barrs summary of the mueller report. I am wondering whether the loyalty we had for close friends when they were alive should continue after they are dead

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