2 million grant to research lab at Wichita State expected to create 150 jobs

lion ate


This is the shocking moment lionesses help chase away an aggressive male after a massive fight erupted when he tried to take over their pride. Three strong mothers helped two lions from their pack fight off the large male when it began roaring at their cubs. But the aggressive male followed one of the lionesses prompting another lion to square off with him. At around two to three years old young males leave their mothers pride and are forced to battle for a new one. They typically either kill off or chase away the males and kill the young cubs so they can start their own bloodline. Department of Commerces Economic Development Administration was announced for WSUs Advanced Technology Lab for Aerospace Systems at the National Institute for Aviation Research. We make parts and we have done that for years and years and years. That company trades under the ticker symbol Zoom which likely led to some confusion by trigger happy investors. To erode that solidarity some billionaire hedge fund owners and multinational CEOs work to divide workers. Exclusion is self defeating whether workers belong to a labor union or not

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