720 million eggs binned each year because Brits rely on best before dates

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Hush Hush has received a request from an anonymous person who is looking for a gamemaker who can help organise the three day event. Exit Theatre ModeThe plan is for the anonymous millionaire to acquire a private island which will be the setting for this real life battle royale. if eggs sink to the bottom and lay flat on their sides theyre very fresh. EU legislation states that the maximum best before date on eggs must be four weeks from when they were laid. But the Food Standards Agency have said that eggs can be safely eaten up to two days past the best before date. This weeks storm also qualified as a bomb cyclone and could lead to further flooding said Weather Prediction Center meteorologist Marc Chenard. The slow moving storm on Wednesday dumped snow on parts of Colorado Chenard said by phone. some areas of western minnesota and southeast south dakota could see as much as 30 inches. THE Lion King is one of the greatest animated Disney films of all time. 2 The Lion King remake will be released on the 25th anniversary of the original filmWho is in the cast of the new The Lion King movie?

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