ASUS update software infected with backdoor potentially affecting 1 million users

lion ate


That utility is responsible for pushing important software updates to ASUS laptops and desktops. Kaspersky researchers also found three other vendors based in Asia whose software was infected with the same backdoor. ASUS HAS BEEN shipping malicious software in its computers which opened up backdoors that hackers could exploit. Thousands of Asus computers were infected by the malware which was discovered by Kaspersky Lab after hackers managed to infect the companys servers used to roll out software updates to its devices. Based on our statistics Kasperskys breakdown of ShadowHammer explained. While quickly fixed once discovered such supply chain malware can lurk unnoticed for ages and thus have the scope for wide spread infection. BP and the EDF just announced a partnership to reduce methane emissions though the company reportedly lobbied against methane rules in recent years. Why shouldnt a strictly market based response be considered a total solution when dealing with climate change?

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