Battle of Waterloo Bridge a week of Extinction Rebellion protests

lion ate


If we see what we are doing is not getting attention said Extinction Rebellion coordinator Yanai Postelnik from an encampment on Waterloo Bridge. On Waterloo Bridge legal advice was being offered to ensure the protesters knew their rights when dealing with the police. At the first aid tent on Waterloo Bridge was putting his medical knowledge to good use. Show Hide Extinction Rebellion is an international protest group that uses non violent civil disobedience to campaign on environmental issues. And with this act of flamboyant defiance Extinction Rebellions climate protests had begun. Its been a resounding success surveying the scene on Waterloo Bridge on Thursday afternoon. More than 680 people were arrested in London police said on Friday evening. The protests are organized by the UK violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change. ParisOn Friday Les Amis De La Terre and Extinction Rebellion

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