Billionaire Branson Congratulates May for Stopping Clean No Deal Brexit

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The billionaire businessman who lives on a private island told Reuters as well. Obviously I just dearly would love to see another referendum explaining that the largest democratic mandate in British history should be overturned even before it has been implemented because many Brexit voters are no longer and because a lot of young people now can vote. Other EU fanatics have celebrated the deaths of older Brexit voters the loss considered a reason to have another vote most recently the devout atheist Richard Dawkins who said the Brexit delay to Halloween allowed more time for young voters to come of age and more time for Leave voters to drop off their nostalgic perch. i just dearly would love to see another referendum says uk billionaire. They want to be able to live and work and play in any European country apparently not considering that people can still travel and work in foreign countries without the need for Freedom of Movement. Ahead of the launch of Apple TV+ later this year Apple continues to expand the executive team around the service. The company has now added Danielle DePalma as a marketing executive for Apple TV shows and films. Prior to joining the Apple TV marketing team DePalma has had a storied career in the film industry. Earlier this week Apple hired a former A+E executive to serve as its head of documentaries for Apple TV+. Dozens of people are in Oxford Circus despite being told by police to move

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