Billionaire couple donates 100 million to UofT for AI research and new complex

lion ate


The new complex will feature two towers and provide space to smaller Canadian companies in addition to the schools researchers. Geoffrey Hinton said the donation will be a boon for the burgeoning field. It will also bring together scholars from an array of disciplines to study the implications of AI in todays world. Germanys Reinmann family Panera Bread and other properties through its JAB Holdings Co. The Reinmann family has a fortune of at least $37 billion and controlling interest in JAB Holdings Co. Keurig coffee and the United Kingdom based sandwich shop Pret a Manger. Reimann senior and Reimann junior were guilty. harris told cnns jake tapper referring to the insurance industry. The cost of private insurance has been rising consistently and employers have increasingly shifted costs onto their workerswhile wages have largely not kept pace. Those financial realities and the frustrating jigsaw nature of U

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