Brexit related price hikes see UK families spend billions more on everyday goods new research finds

lion ate


People in the UK are paying billions of pounds more for everyday goods because of Brexit related price hikes new research has found. The data on price rises applies only to products imported from outside the EU. 9bn more was spent on mineral fuels lubricants and related materials and 924m went on chemicals and related products. Climate change threatens an increasingly large part of the $3. 8 trillion US municipal bond market the asset manager BlackRock warned. The firm analyzed the economic impact of climate change force winds could have at a local level in the coming years. 8 trillion market is set to come from regions facing climate related economic losses the strategists said of the municipal bond markets creditworthiness. The muni bond market works in a similar fashion to the US Treasury market in the debt instruments it offers investors but it does so on a smaller scale. Elsewhere in the asset managers report out this week the strategists added that climate change is increasingly a risk that investors cannot afford to ignore

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