Eerie footage explains north Londons Billionaires Row and its desolate mansions

lion ate


Craig Packer is the director of the Lion Center a research and conservation center at the University of Minnesota. In southern Tanzania and two thirds of their victims died. Lions followed the pigs to the fields and some learned to add sleeping farmers to their diet. Impoverished Mozambicans seeking employment in South Africa have continuously attempted to cross Kruger Park on foot and hundreds have ended up victims to Krugers many lions. I once met a Kruger ranger who had recently performed a routine inspection of a dead lion in the middle of the park. Bishops Avenue in Hampstead but many of its 66 mansions lie vacant. Footage taken by urban explorers shows moss growing up the once pristine white walls of the huge rooms and swimming pools with a shallow layer of murky water. ninety five percent of the people who live here dont actually live here. Here the suburbs of Tijuana are almost close enough to touch. What the Border Patrol needs is an array of high tech sensors and surveillance equipment that will supplement the physical barriers of the border wall system

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