Inspiring London Marathon Runner Raising Cash In Memory Of Tragic Soldier Brother

london marathon


Sometime shortly after midday on Sunday it is predicted the mens record for the London marathon will be smashed. to be honest it would be an amazing achievement [to beat kipchoge. Im not saying Mo is like that but some people it inspires them. Certainly Kipchoge does not believe Farah will be affected. Mo can beat me he said before paying tribute to how quickly his rival was progressing. Im really surprised Mo is learning so fast. london marathon medal to get a tasty sourdough reward. You dont have to enter codes from consecutive days so dont worry if you forget a day or two. Fuelled by chocolate and sweets two brothers have walked the London Marathon route the day before the race to raise money for the homeless. And while brothers are famous for their disagreements when asked if they would repeat the feat in the future both Nicholas and Alex were on the same wavelength

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