London Marathon What I Learned From Running On The Hottest Day In The Races History

london marathon


This is but a taste of what it was like to run the hottest London Marathon in history when the temperature reached a record high of 24. The lengths London Marathon runners go to raise money for worthy causes is truly astounding especially in the tough conditions we were facing. Doing the marathon and the #FinishForMatt run a week later made me realise that the impact of the London Marathon is so much greater than Id realised. When they reach mile 23 theyll be handed edible pods made of seaweed extracts instead of a plastic water bottle. And yet when he finished third on a broiling hot day. last year it was a crazy thing where eliud [kipchoge. Most of us believe the Mo and Haile show is yet to reach its final act. But in an effort to make the event more sustainable the London Marathon will replace thousands of plastic water bottles with edible seaweed pouches this year. And theyre in for a bit of a different experience when they reach Mile 23 Ooho seaweed capsules instead of plastic bottles or cups. We believe we run the best mass participation events in the world and we want to match that by leading the world in mass participation event sustainability

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