A Brexit crisis deepens thousands due to march through London for a new referendum

london referendum


Organised by the Peoples Vote protesters are demanding the public be given a final say on the Brexit process. please allow a moment for the liveblog to load. Thats why more readers are turning to an independent source. Hundreds of thousands of people from across Britain are expected to hit the streets of London demanding a second referendum on Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly dismissed calls for a second referendum despite parliament so far failing to agree on a deal for Britain to exit the European Union. Originally published as Brexit referendum protest set for London. It comes in a tumultuous week for Brexit that saw UK Prime Minister Theresa May ask Brussels to extend the UKs deadline for leaving the EU. They are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to turn out for the protest which is pushing for another vote on whether Brexit should go ahead. Protesters want the government to put any solution to the deadlock to a second referendum. Critics of a second referendum say it would be even more divisive than the first

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