Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Faces Sentencing In US Case

lord chapo


will the notorious mexican drug lord known as el chapo go quietly?for joaquin guzman thats the biggest question at his sentencing in new york city on wednesday. The goverment case was all part of a show trial. Mexican drug lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman is set to be sentenced today in Downtown Brooklyn. They also presented evidence that Guzman used hit squads to target rivals. Many are waiting to see whether Guzman will speak before learning his fate. the notorious drug kingpin known as el chapo is expected to be sentenced to life in prison wednesday in brooklyn. Joaquin Guzman was convicted of running a murderous Mexico based drug cartel that flooded the US with cocaine methamphetamine and marijuana. Before the judge rules a woman who survived a murder plot that the prosecution says El Chapo ordered. El Chapos attorneys are expected to lay out the ground work for an appeal. Despite Guzmans downfall the Sinaloa Cartel had the biggest U

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