Lori Loughlins Daughter Olivia Jade Had Trademark Applications Fixed Plans Career Comeback With Beauty Brand

lori loughlin


The couple is among the slew of parents who have been offered plea deals in the case sources told TMZ. Prosecutors gave the allegedly crooked parents the same ultimatum take a deal or potentially face extra charges from a federal grand jury. The plea deal sentences are determined by the amount of bribes paid and acceptance of responsibility and prosecutors are said to only be accepting pleas that call for prison time. The amount of bribes they allegedly paid raises the couples minimum sentence to two to two and a half years behind bars. The YouTube star reportedly amended her trademark application after it was rejected due to punctuation errors. Indeed Olivia Jade had her eye on creating her own beauty line. According to TMZ theres a definite reason for their absence because a deal for them would include at least two years of prison time. Owing to that exorbitant amount whose much smaller payout has led only to a guilty plea for mail fraud. Meanwhile CBS legal experts are claiming that Huffmans plea makes Loughlin look even worse in the eyes of the feds. The report said that because Loughlin and Giannulli they will get a prison sentence from two to two and a half years

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