Lori Loughlin Hopes She Can Salvage Squeaky Clean Reputation Like Martha Stewart

lori loughlin


Lori Loughlin is reportedly still searching for a crisis manager to help change the public opinion around her involvement in the college admissions scandal. has been having preliminary talks with some top crisis management firms on what she can do to change the public perception an executive told cnn. One person Loughlin purportedly hopes to emulate is Martha Stewart since Stewart was neither ostracized from elite circles nor shunned by longtime fans after she emerged from prison. One of the crisis management executives mentioned above said that the same was possible for Loughlin. resolving the legal situation should be [loughlin and giannullis. Behind closed doors are said to be strained. Among the stack of cardboard boxes was spotted being carried inside the $35 million property. Lori Loughlin wants to go to trial to preserve her reputation following the allegations against her and husband Mossimo Giannulli in the college admissions scandal a new report claims. If convicted Giannulli and Loughlin face up to 40 years behind bars. Now Loughlin believes going to court may be the only way to clear her name

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