US judge warns Lori Loughlin parents about talking with children about scandal report says

lori loughlin


LORI LOUGHLIN AND FELICITY HUFFMAN TWO HOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES TAKING CENTERSTAGE IN CRIMINAL COURT FOR PLAYING LEADING ROLES IN THE COLLEGE CHEATING SCANDAL. THEYRE LOOKING FORWARD TO TRYING OUT FOR THE TEAM AND MAKING THE TEAM WHEN THEY GET HERE. Loughlin and her husband and co defendant arrived with lawyers and at least one bodyguard about 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled appearances in Boston federal court. Prosecutors want them to serve time regardless of whether they plead guilty or get convicted at trial reports said Wednesday. We love you Lori! they screamed as Loughlin and Giannulli hopped into a black SUV and were driven away. In a crowded Boston courtroom Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman faced the presiding judge for the first time for their alleged involvement in the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal. After the hearing Loughlin reached over to the next table to shake the hands of the prosecutors. Loughlin Giannulli and Huffman have not entered pleas in the cases against them. go in the bag and pick an outfit for your client and the [rest of the clothes. As the court waited for Sorokin to change insisting that dressing his client is outside my role as a lawyer

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