Ilhan Omar Accusations of antisemitism aimed at Muslim congresswoman intensifies debate about Israel

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For Congress the allegations of antisemitism directed towards Representative Ilhan Omar have no precedent. I fear it will get far worse before it gets better. Congress has never experienced this kind of furore involving a Muslim member accused of anti Semitism. The Congress leaders did not do anything for Nalgonda and in fact have hindered the development of the backward district the MLA wrote. There has been no development by so called big Congress leaders in Nalgonda Mr. While many people in Nalgonda still wait for water the Congress leaders did not work for them. Omar is the rarest of political exceptions in Washington speaking truth to power on vital issues. Our citizens certainly dont have any idea what goes on. Few congressional members ever confronted Israel forthrightly. Despite Israeli lobby power attempts to defeat him whats highly unlikely today for anyone forthrightly challenging the Jewish state

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