Women New to the Province Facing Serious Challenges in Job Market

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Women who have immigrated to Newfoundland and Labrador face a number of challenges finding a career many of which are familiar to anyone in the job market. She says newcomers and racialized women face all the challenges any other person would but there are other barriers besides. She says the natural challenges of the provinces job market are compounded for women who are trying to build a new life here. Safatle says part of the challenge for everyone living here is the small job market on an island with a relatively small population but there are even fewer opportunities for newcomers. With the number of job openings far surpassing the number of job seekers employees and candidates feel a sense of empowerment as the scales tip in their favor. Now and many employees and job seekers relish the opportunity to treat employers and recruiters with the same indifference they have experienced in the past. The Consequences Of GhostingMany workers who leave their jobs without providing notice to their employer show little fear of the consequences. Regardless I believe there are still a number of reasons why employees and job seekers should pause before ghosting current and prospective employers. the job market is unpredictable and just because its strong now doesnt mean it wont take a downturn in the future

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