Meghan Markle is a secret fan of Marks Spencer tights and wore them to Westminster Abbey service

mar meghan


THE Duchess of Sussex is a secret fan of M&S tights. Meghan wore the high street favourite to a service on Monday at Westminster Abbey. press association 6 meghan markle is a secret fan of marks & spencer tights and wore them to a service at westminster abbey on mondayshe often goes bare legged but covered up for the commonwealth day event as the queen is keen on royal women wearing hosiery. Meghan Markle greeted Prince Charles in a different way to the Duchess of Cambridge during the Commonwealth Day church service on Monday. Footage shows Kate greeting both Prince Charles and his wife Camilla with a double kiss and a hand on one arm before Prince William follows suit. Prince Charles and Meghan are then later seen chuckling while engaging in an animated conversation. prince harry and meghan both attended the commonwealth church service. whos in and whos out in nrls round one

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