NASA Is Finally Funding a Mars Sample Return Mission But Details Are Slim

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The mission would fetch rock samples packed up by the agencys Mars 2020 rover and bring them back to Earth for study in terrestrial labs. Such a mission has frequently been discussed but not typically included on a budget request for the agency; NASAs concrete timeline for Mars science missions to Mars has always fizzled out after the Mars 2020 rover mission. Mars mission launches are typically timed to match the point when the planets are closest together so missing this window would likely cause a two year delay. The presidents budget request does not represent the funding NASA will actually receive; final appropriation amounts are determined by Congress. Were interesting in learning about the entire moon Bridenstine said. According to Bridenstine robots and humans to conduct science across the entirety of the lunar surface by 2028. The agency expects the worlds largest rocket to power manned missions to the moon and Mars in the future. Were going to take what we learned from these experiments Bridenstine said. Human exploration and operations totals $9. 022 billion for deep space exploration systems and $4

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