Truck lands on top of fast moving car in Walmart parking lot photo

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The driver of a fast moving Acura Integra crashed into the side of a Dodge pickup truck outside the Newport Walmart on Thursday afternoon with such force that it flipped the 5 but did not stop it. The Acura skidded 50 feet according to Sgt. Police said the driver of the Acura left the car wash directly to the south of the Walmart parking lot around 4 p. After he entered the Walmart parking lot then the other parked cars as their owners were inside the store. Rafael Rosario attempted carjacking and assault and battery. A witness came to help and the man allegedly got out of the car and ran across the parking lot. The witness tried to chase the man before stopping and waiting for the police. A Lawrence man is said to have ambushed a woman in a Market Basket parking lot in Methuen. A good samaritan came to the aid of the victim who called appropriate attention to the attack. A Lawrence man is set to face a judge in Lawrence District Court on Monday following a brazen attack on a woman during a botched abduction attempt in a Methuen Market Basket parking lot on Friday evening

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