GOP Rep Puts Pelosi and Dem Leadership on Blast for Handling of Omar Comments Shift to Left Tragic

mar pelosi


called out Democrats for the broad resolution that condemned bigotry against minorities. Biggs was one of 23 Republicans who voted against the resolution claiming that it was too broad instead of dealing directly with Rep. comments that many found to be anti Semitic. We need to call out a problem that we have and deal with it Biggs said. Democrats forced a conditional apology from her earlier this year only to find out that she was not sincere at all. In fact they cant even draft a resolution to condemn her anti Semitic remarks. Im not for impeachment Pelosi said in the Post. Impeaching President Trump would allow Democrats to win a battle i. But when its not I think that that does a disservice. No I dont think hes fit to be president of the United States

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