Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook mission statements hides his real aim Emily Bell

mar zuckerberg


Company statements are often personal homilies and meditations on themselves their businesses and the world they are imperceptibly improving. To raise funds from private equity and venture capital firms companies must produce a mission statement that promises benign global dominance but fits on a postage stamp. The key problem with Facebooks mission statements is that it doesnt actually have a mission. DUMPSTER FIRE CURATOR Mark Zuckerberg has been revealed to have a panic chute in his office what Danny Dyer might refer to as a bit tasty. The Facebook founder and CEO has further compounded theories that he is morphing into a real life Monty Burns revealed the existence of the conference room chute amongst a series of other security measures at the company headquarters. Additionally gym instructors and personal assistants. Facebook head of comms and former deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom Nick Clegg. CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed how the Silicon Valley giant is researching a brain computer interface in an interview with Harvard law school professor Jonathan Zittrain according to Wired. CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed how the firm is researching a brain computer interfaceThe concept that Zuckerberg envisions would allow users to navigate menus move objects in an AR room or even type words with their brain. A mind reading device will make it that much easier for humans to interact with technology Zuckerberg claims

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