Mark Zuckerberg says he should have listened to earlier advice about learning from WeChat

mar zuckerberg


WeChats omnipotence in China is centred around its basic functions of messaging and social media which are only open to WeChat friends. Without end end encryption WeChat has been criticised for not doing enough to protect user data. We are very concerned about user data security. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a brain computer interface that can read your mind according to Wired. Wired noted there would be no typing and no speaking. And Zuckerberg says the brain computer interface does not breach and persons integrity. It would surround the brain and discover connections between particular thoughts and particular brain activities. Wired noted it would presumably assistant devices manufactured by Oculus VR which is owned by Facebook. Randi Zuckerberg thinks the platform has become too cluttered to forge meaningful connections with friends. Since leaving Facebook Randi Zuckerberg has generally avoided open comments about Facebook or her brother

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