UK suspends Boeing 737 MAX from airspace after crash

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With bipartisan calls for Boeing to ground the 737 Max planes after a fatal crash in Ethiopia President Trump tweeted his distrust of modern aviation technology. The UKs air authority on Tuesday banned Boeing 737 Max planes from its airspace. The UK joins the growing list of countries and airlines grounding 737 Max 8 fleets. The UKs aviation agency on Tuesday banned all Boeing 737 Max planes from its airspace killing everyone on board. A Turkish Airlines 737 Max 8 turned around as it entered British airspace on Tuesday afternoon the CAA told Business Insider. Flying is still very safe overall but questions remain about this particular Boeing 737 Max models and the causes of the recent crash. Is this the first time the Boeing 737 Max 8 has been involved in a crash?Ethiopian Airlines has grounded its fleet of 737 Max 8s Malaysia and Singapore have banned Boeing 737 Max aircraft from flying in their airspaces

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