All Boeing Max 8 And 9 Jets Were Just Suspended From Flying in the United States

max suspend


The GCAA will not be reluctant to ground the UAE registered Boeing 737 MAX fleet it said. The 737 MAX is the workhorse of the Dubai government owned budget carrier FlyDubai. STRONG WINDS EXPECTED TO CONTINUE INTO THE EVENING. THE HIGH WIND WARNING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. BE ALERT TO SUDDEN GUSTS OF WIND WHICH MAY CAUSE YOU TO LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR VEHICLE. EXTRA ATTENTION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO CROSS WINDS AND ON BRIDGES AND OVERPASSES. The complaints heap further scrutiny on manufacturing giant Boeing which has so far delivered thousands of Max 8 jets internationally. Though the FAA waited longer to temporarily ban the Max 8 prominent politicians across the spectrum called for its immediate grounding in the wake of Sundays crash

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