DC Mayor Announces Shes Filing A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales In The Nations Capital

mayor marijuana


GettyThat could soon change under legislation that Washington D. Legalizing recreational marijuana sales is a matter of equity and opportunity. cannabis economy into a regulated marketplace NORML Political Director Justin Strekal said. residents can currently grow and possess small amounts of marijuana but cannot legally purchase it and the district cannot tax sales because of a federal budget provision. s eight medical marijuana cultivation centers would be authorized to grow the drug for recreational purposes if Bowsers bill is approved the Post noted. The bill would crack down on attempts to circumvent restrictions on marijuana sales by offering it as a gift in exchange for purchasing clothing artwork or other items. Bowser told the Post she believes the council can hold hearings and debate how to legalize marijuana but not until Congress drops anti marijuana provisions. Now the mayor wants to make it legal to sell recreational marijuana. As it stands now its illegal to sell any amount of marijuana because of a provision in the federal budget that prevents the city from enacting or enforcing marijuana legalization laws. Its also legal to grow up to six marijuana plants at home but no more than three plants can be mature

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