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as for the mini debate about buttigiegs gayness which included the following paragraph. That doesnt mean hes not gay enough theres really no such measure. that gay people can be every bit as buttoned laced as Pete Buttigieg!Youre not free if youre being treated differently because of who you are. His powers of empathy seem plenty informed by his sexual orientation. And even more impressive his Iowa and New Hampshire numbers are more or less identical. If Beto wants to win the nomination hes going to need to launch a childrens crusade in both of those states. CLOSE Pete Buttigieg is now running for president at the age of 37. pete buttigieg says hes mayor of a turnaround city. pete buttigieg announces hes raised $7 million calls it a big number for usthose who want to attend in person can rsvp at www. Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks during the U

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