Madeleine Mccann May Have Been Taken By Sex Trafficking Gangs Helped By Police

mccann madeleine


MADELEINE McCann may have been taken by sex trafficking gangs helped by police its been claimed. Whitehead also claims the child sex industry could be made possible by what he calls predator cops although there is no evidence suggesting Portuguese police were involved in assisting with Maddies kidnapping. He brought up a recent sting in Florida in which 277 arrests were made for sex trafficking as an example. He added that the child sex trafficking industry could be worth as much as $9. 5billion in the US alone with children as young as four being bought and sold. portuguese police admit to being nearer to knowing what happened to madeleine mccann. Martin Ney is serving life behind bars in his home country for murdering three youngsters over a 20 year period. Ney targeted kids on holiday entering their tents or villas while armed with a weapon. But German police said the paedophile was only interested in young boys. He was also investigated over the disappearance of German boy Renee Hasse in Aljezur but never charged

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