Your wife is a towel McGregor attacks Khabibs spouse with insensitive tweet then deletes

mcgregor khabib


conors like a jealous wife who leaves and then comes back khabib slams mcgregor on retirementin the tweet along with the text. The tweet was online not for very long suggesting that McGregor had a change or heart or was advised by his management to take the message down. McGregor flew to New York shortly after that incident leading to the now infamous bus attack which saw the Irishman placed under arrest. Instead of focusing his insults on the fighter he wants to face McGregor brought up Khabibs wife and family on social media. The tweets were deleted eventually but it already made the rounds online. I understand the need for fight promotion but there are obviously much better and more creative ways to approach that. Nurmagomedov responded with an accusatory tweet of his own after McGregor insulted his wife with a derogatory term. Nurmagomedovs win over McGregor formed part of a UFC 229 card which shattered the organisations pay view record amassing 2

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