Queen Sends Meghan Harry To Live In Africa For 3 Years

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The British Queen is reportedly shipping Prince Harry and Princess Meghan to Africa for the next 3 years to get them out o the limelight. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected to be sent away to a country in Africa for two to three years for a bespoke job that will utilize their rock star status. Visit WebsiteThe Queen reportedly wants Harry and Meghan far away from Britain and the press. The Sunday Times claims the role is likely to be in Africa because of the couples ties there. It is believed they fell in love on a safari in Botswana and Meghan and Harry even returned there for the former actress 36th birthday two years ago. Meghan & Harry Might Move To Africa For Royal Work After Babys Birth Royals want Prince and diva Duchess as far away as possible. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could move to Africa for royal work after their baby is born according to the Daily Mail. Its rumored that Meghan and Harry could work in Africa in a two to three year role that involves the Commonwealth charity work and promoting Britain. Sources say the royal family is determined to keep Meghans popularity at bay so she wont surpass the legacy of Princess Diana. Now will Meghan and Harry wind up even farther away from his brother and his wifein Africa?

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