The Views Meghan McCain Shares The One Thing She Wont Talk About on TV With Bestie Abby Huntsman

meghan mccain


McCain noted that she is inspired by Huntsmans ability to always see the bright side of things even when it is difficult. In turn Huntsman applauded her pals honesty even when it makes her cringe. McCain would likely write in Republican Paul Ryan as a nominee when she voted. The View and Sunny Hostin airs weekdays on ABC Television. Leave it to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to create chaos on The View. The Views discussion got heated almost immediately with co host Meghan McCain saying that she hopes Assange rots in hell for threatening national security. Almost immediately McCain jumped in to say her piece. Ive got to push back hard on this as Hostin looked on in shock. I think what you just said was just straight propaganda said McCain. The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hit The Views Meghan McCain hard on Thursday morning

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