The Views Meghan McCain calls in sick after getting brutally mocked online all weekend

meghan mccain


During a debate Thursday about allegedly anti Semitic comments by Rep. Joe Lieberman after co host Sunny Hostin said her own grandfather was Jewish. What does anti Semitic even mean to you? tweeted Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig a former Columbia classmate. Whoopi is still getting better and will be back here soon so we wish her a speedy recovery. But more importantly the controversy became an opportunity for Meghan McCain to tell the world about how it all affected Meghan McCain. Valley was not mocking Jews but the way Christian Zionists like McCain fetishize Jews to justify defenses of Israels often democratic practices. I know that the tears had come during The View earlier in the daythe subway I jokingly tweeted Dont make me draw Meghan McCain not really intending to draw her. I dont think McCain herself is going to have her mind changed. Meghan McCain slammed actress Lori Loughlins husband Mossimo Giannulli after he was arrested on Tuesday in an alleged college admissions scam. TV STARS FELICITY HUFFMAN The Associated Press reported Tuesday

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