Text message reminders helped divorce parenting cases

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She also referred to Smollett as a washed up celeb who lied to cops while comparing his case to R&B singer R. Foxx also added Just because we can charge something doesnt mean we should. texts messages from states attorney kim foxx to staff about two weeks before charges were dropped on jussie smollett. Refers to Smollett as a washed up celeb who lied to cops. The circuit court launched the program last summer. people who chose to provide a cellphone number received three simple text messages reminding them of their mediation day and time. The judicial branch hopes to expand the availability of text message reminders to other case types within the circuit court as well as to superior court cases. Text Messages Show States Attorney Closely Followed Smollett CaseAfter recusing herself compared to defendants accused of more serious crimes. She wrote them in a text message to her top deputy. Foxx criticized Smollett but also complained that the charges against him were excessive

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