Tides rose and beaches flooded as Outer Banks endured combined equinox and supermoon

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What is this flying item on fire above downtown Los Angeles?The spectacle even drew the attention of the Los Angeles Police Department who reassured the public that the streak of the light was not Mars attacking. a meteor did not crash into downtown los angeles its not an alien invasion. full worm supermoon lights up the sky in stunning picturesthe whole stunt was pulled off by the red bull air force to celebrate the final supermoon of. the moon reached its closest point to Earth making it was is affectionately known as a supermoon. The moon appeared in the sky less than four hours after spring had officially sprung!Springs supermoon is often called a Worm Moon. The spring equinox and a supermoon combined this week to play havoc with North Carolinas fragile Outer Banks barrier islands. First came the vernal equinox according to National Geographic. National Park Service officials did not report any damage resulting from the higher than normal tide

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