This Is Us Star Mandy Moore on Why She Is Operating at My Best Now

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This Is Us star Mandy Moore successfully transitioned from a teenage pop star to an adult who juggles singing producing professionally. I feel like Im operating at my best now. I know what I want; I know how to ask for it; I know how to not settle until I get that Moore says. Mandy didnt know we were going to be aging her when she took the part in which Moore voiced Rapunzel. A sequel is now planned though Moore has set her sights on bigger things on land instead. Shane West surprised his A Walk to Remember co star Mandy Moore at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday praising her work and her big heart. I always knew you were incredibly talented and I always knew you would go on to do big things amazing things and you have. Here you are about to be immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard I couldnt be more proud of you I couldnt be happier for you. West made a speech honoring Moore at the actresss Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony this afternoon in Los Angeles. Entertainment Tonight ran excerpts of the speech during which West reflected on working with Moore years ago and how much their relationship meant to him then

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