Colorado Wildlife Officers Bitten When Tranquilized Mountain Lion Awakes

mountain lion


Californians voted almost 30 years ago to ban the hunting of mountain lions. In fact no part of a mountain lion hunted in another state can be brought within our states boundaries. Both types of rat poison involve anticoagulants that cause internal bleeding. A new bill aims to turn this around with new restrictions on the use of anticoagulant rodenticides. Colorado Wildlife Officers Bitten When Tranquilized Mountain Lion AwakesColorado Parks and Wildlife Officers were called Wednesday to get a mountain lion out of a tree in a Canyon City neighborhood. shows a confirmed mountain lion outside a home on the citys northwest side. Special to the RegisterThe Des Moines Police Department is investigating a report of a mountain lion sighting within the city. Evelsizer said hes not sure what drew this mountain lion to Des Moines but it might be traveling eastward and trying to pass through the city. The DNR has a protocol for dealing with mountain lion sightings and is working with local authorities on a plan for the current mountain lion. Three men in Montana have been sentenced for illegally hunting a mountain lion at Yellowstone National Park

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