Aaron Paul Addresses Breaking Bad Movie Reports It Has to Star Jessie

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Rumors are funny I once heard a rumor that I was being cast as Han Solo which was sponsored by Variety. Its unknown if Bryan Cranston will appear in the film. this article contains plot details and spoilers for the ending of breaking bad. while doing so walter was also reunited with longtime partner jesse pinkman. Concrete plot details have not yet come to light though a new report from Variety suggests that the film will star Jesse Pinkman as the main character. It is unknown whether series star Bryan Cranston will be returning as meth kingpin Walter White. I havent heard anything about the Breaking Bad movie but if there is one and it comes together Id love to be a part of it. If it were to happen I would love to do it. All hoping for a Pinkman return doesnt seem to be lost however. While the movie sure sounds like a Breaking Bad movie centered on Pauls character let alone if he would be reprising his Emmy winning role in the film

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