Special Counsel Robert Mueller Told The Attorney General He Could Release Documents Weeks Before The Full Report

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Mueller but instead presented evidence on both sides. After receiving the final report finding there was insufficient evidence to charge the president. In a speech last week he blasted mercenary critics and defended how the Mueller investigation was handled. Mueller told the attorney general that the depiction of his findings failed to capture context and substance of probe. mueller complained to attorney general 05. ET Attorney General William Barr wants to defend his handling of special counsel Robert Muellers report in his testimony Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Theyve charged that he is acting as an attorney for Trump not the attorney general of the whole United States. But Nadler complained that even though Barr doesnt object to Mueller appearing the Justice Department hasnt appeared to keen to play ball. The Department of Justice has also been reluctant to confirm a date for special counsel Mueller to testify. letter from special counsel robert mueller to attorney general barr

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