Analysis The Only Thing The Barr Letter Proves Is Mueller Was Not on a Witch Hunt

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Elie Honig is a CNN legal analyst and a Rutgers University scholar. First Barrs letter is not the Mueller report; it is a four page distillation. Elie HonigSecond Barrs letter appropriately applies the standards of criminal law. barr reports that mueller found insufficient evidence to charge a federal crime but not necessarily that mueller found no evidence whatsoever. Colbert went on to ask Warren what she thinks would be actionable in the Mueller report to which the senator reiterated how crucial it is to see the whole report. Do you know how many were about the Mueller report?Because what people were asking about were the things that touch their lives every day. The Late Show host then commented that the Mueller report might be more of a Washington obsession leading Warren to clarify its importance. The Barr letter is not the Mueller report. In fact it contains not a single full sentence of the Mueller report. Every single tweet accurately reflect whats in the Mueller report

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