Attorney General Barr Playing Hide The Ball With Mueller Findings Claims Former Federal Prosecutor

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Justice Department officials say Barr had no choice but to render a judgment because the special counsel regulations say that he is ultimately in charge of the investigation. If Mueller believed Trump was guilty of obstruction the officials argue but he didnt do that in his report. The New York Times and Washington Post first reported that some members of the Mueller team were upset with how Barr portrayed the evidence. She added that Barr stands by his past statement that he doesnt believe the report should be released gradually. The attorney general also wrote that Mueller did not make a determination on whether Trump had obstructed justice but rather had laid out the evidence on both sides of the argument. hile this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime quoting muellers report. When the Justice Department missed that deadline the House Judiciary Committee authorized a subpoena to request that Barr turn over the report in its entirety. In an interview with MSNBC broadcast Thursday Raw Story reports. The public has not yet seen the Mueller report in its entirety only a summary written by William Barr. In his memo Barr directly quoted Robert Mueller who found that neither Trump nor members of his campaign coordinated or conspired with Russian officials

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