Barr Didnt Answer These 16 Questions Muellers Report Could

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Barr announced on Friday that Mueller had delivered his report to the Justice Department after a nearly two year investigation. Barr said that while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime it does not exonerate him. The official spoke on condition of anonymity today to discuss the Justice Departments plans. The official also said there were no plans for the department to give the report to the White House. Barr has said previously he wants to make as much public as he can under the law though grand jury material is not expected to be released. Barr said in a four page letter to Congress Sunday summarizing the Mueller report that his goal is to release as much of the full report as possible. But his schedule for doing so would depend on how quickly DOJ can scrub it for grand jury information that by law cannot be made public he said. I think that would be equally true for anything relative to the president of the United States referring to Trump and the Mueller report. According to the attorney general Mueller didnt come to a conclusion on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice. In his letter Barr says prosecutors need to satisfy three legal questions to charge a person with obstruction

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