Barr Pledges Transparency on Mueller Report But Past Statements Say Otherwise

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On Friday special counsel Robert Muellers report was delivered to Attorney General Bill Barr. Blitzer asked Swalwell what he was going to be looking for in the report. We want it before the president is going to get it or able to make any edits Swalwell said. If he is not going to do that then I think it will taint its release he said. justice departmentdear chairman graham and ranking member collins. AG Bill Barr told Congress that Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation on the junk Trump Russia allegations. Barr also told the lawmakers that he will reveal the contents of the report as soon as this weekend. doj confirms mueller had free rein to do whatever he wanted in his investigation of. As attorney general many had expressed concern that he would block dissemination of the report altogether. The memos subject line was Muellers Obstruction Theory and it was directed to then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well as Assistant Attorney General Steve Engel

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