Bill Barrs faux Mueller report Is this WMDs in Iraq all over again

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Democrats attempted to change the subject to healthcare after the report from Robert Mueller appeared to shatter their case that Trump was an illegitimately elected president. Barr has not yet revealed a precise date for when the final public version might be ready. The Justice Department has not commented on the Democrats request that it be released to Congress by next week. The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions Barr says. On Tuesday afternoon said he will allow Trump to review Muellers final report before Congress or the public can see it. Graham said Barr intends to give the Trump White House the opportunity to preview the report and claim executive privilege on any parts they want to keep hidden. These are exactly the kinds of shady tactics Democratic leaders warned about when Mueller announced he completed his report. Trump has repeatedly lied about Barrs summary of the report falsely claiming the Mueller report exonerates him. Barr was opposed to the Mueller investigation from the beginning. I believe that the Mueller report has been done

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