Ex Justice Department Officials Were Shocked Mueller Put His Displeasure With Barr Down In Writing

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Barr must bring the letter with him when he testifies in the Senate tomorrow Schumer said in a tweet on Tuesday night. He added that its time for Mueller to testify publicly. to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations according to the post. Tomorrow hes scheduled to answer questions before the House Judiciary Committee but theres been some drama over that hearing. Barr warned House Democrats he wouldnt show up to Thursdays hearing if they stuck to the format the chairman has proposed for the questioning according to a committee source with knowledge of the matter. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler told CNN that Barr would not dictate the format of the Judiciary Committee. Barr has rejected those proposals for additional rounds of questioning according to the source. He has another hearing with the House Judiciary Committee scheduled for Thursday but a feud over the parameters has cast doubt on whether Barr will show up. Attorney General William Barr is appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee where he will be grilled for the first time since the release of the special counsel Robert Muellers Russia report and a day after reports surfaced that Mueller criticized how Barr characterized his findings. In his letter Mueller accused Barr of thwarting the reason behind the special counsels appointment

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