Gillibrand Disrespectful Barr undermined Mueller probe

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Attorney General Bill Barr told a top House Democrat he would not commit to sharing Special Counsel Robert Muellers full report with Congress according to a Democratic congressional aide. Democrats are likely to charge Barr with participating in a cover up if he withholds any portion of the report from Congress. The primary obstacle to Barr turning over the report is the presence of grand jury material the aide said. The aide said Nadler offered to work with Barr to try to get a judge to authorize the release of the material and Barr replied that he was open to the argument but would continue the process of redacting the report. Its all setting up a major confrontation next week if the Justice Department doesnt send the full Mueller report to Congress by Tuesday as six committee chairmen have demanded. Democrats are also fleshing out the legal and political arguments theyll make next week if the Justice Department does refuse to release the report. Nadler including whether he obstructed justice. He has called for Barr to appear before the committee to address the conclusion of the Mueller investigation. Gillibrand also responds to Trump Attorney General Bill Barrs summary of the Mueller report Barr undermined the purpose of Muellers job

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