Giuliani Calls Muellers Letter To AG Barr Very Odd

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Barrs appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to highlight the partisan schism around Muellers report and the Justice Departments handling of it. He said that if he were still advising an attorney general he would resist the idea of staff questioning a Cabinet official. Its a rational response to not want them questioning the attorney general Williams said. Many of these revelations do not involve President Trump directly from his family to his administration. donald trump jr is a mouthpiece for wikileaksdonald trump jr got a message that read. Trump Jr revealed he had already done so and began to talk about Wikileaks with increasing frequency. President Trump refused an oral interview and provided only written answers for the questions he was willing to answer. Buzz60WASHINGTON Attorney General William Barr warned a House committee that he could refuse to appear at Thursdays hearing on the Justice Departments handling of the Russia investigation if lawmakers go through with a plan to let staff lawyers question him. attorney general william barr faces a political firestorm after release of the mueller reportsunday a senior justice official said barr initially agreed to appear before the house committee to be questioned by lawmakers only. Attorney General Barr wasnt asked to testify before the committee he offered the GOP members said

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